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McRib Woman Speaks to City Council

You've Never Seen Any Foodie as Passionate as the "McRib Girl"

Have you ever loved a certain food so much that you'd go to great lengths just to have a single bite of it? Well, one California woman went to the greatest length we've ever seen as she begged her local government for the return of the McDonald's McRib. Xanthe Pajarillo, a McRib activist of sorts, went before the Santa Clarita city council to demonstrate her love for the barbecue-sauce-smothered sandwich and explain why the local franchises need to put it back on their menus.

Though her city council appearance occurred back in November 2015, the video above is making its rounds on social media again, simultaneously entertaining and puzzling viewers everywhere. The "McRib Girl," as dubbed by the internet, began her speech by noting some statistics about the pork sandwich's history: it came about in 1982 and has only been available for limited times since then. In 2015, however, only 55 percent of restaurants nationwide chose to keep the sandwich on their menus, she said, with her local McDonald's falling into the 45 percent that chose to discontinue it.

Xanthe continues her speech by detailing her personal connection to the McRib. "The removal of the McRib from the menu has affected my family because every Thanksgiving, my family would order a 50-piece chicken McNugget and like, 10 McRibs," she explained. "It was like a tradition in our family, and now it's like my family's holiday spirit is kind of messed up and broken." She even goes so far as to say that celebrating Thanksgiving without a McRib in sight was comparable to a "Christmas without snow."

Though we feel a little sad that her family apparently eats McNuggets instead of turkey for Thanksgiving, we can't help but admire her unwavering dedication, even if it is for a fast-food chain's pork sandwich. All the buzz has left us wondering: publicity stunt or serious activism? We'll let you decide.

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