Meet the biggest buzzword in the food world this minute: koodies. No, I'm not referring to the term we used prolifically as fourth graders; I'm talking about kid foodies. Food trend analyst Phil Lempert, also known as the Supermarket Guru, coined the term to refer to children with an "ardent or refined interest in food" or "an unusual, sometimes fanatic, desire to eat unusual foods."

The term may be brand-new, but the idea of kids with refined palates has been on the horizon for a while. Remember Greg Grossman, who catered in the Hamptons? Or David Fishman, who dined alone at 12? Let's not forget Julian Kreusser, the 5-year-old with a cooking show. They're all poster children for the term "koodie."

Do you have any koodies in your life? Do you respect their precocious appreciation for food — or do you find it to be obnoxious?