One of the new laws that went into effect at the start of the new year has to do with wine in the state of Illinois. This year restaurant-goers in the state of Illinois will no longer have to down that bottle of wine before leaving. This makes them one in 40 states to do so.

The new law allows a patron to remove one unsealed and partially consumed bottle of wine for off-premise consumption, provided that the patron purchased a meal and consumed a portion of the bottle of wine with the meal on the restaurant premises. In addition, the partially consumed bottle of wine must be securely sealed by a restaurant employee or owner prior to removal from the premises and placed in a transparent, one-time-use, tamper-proof bag, and restaurant staff must provide a dated receipt for the bottle of wine to the patron.

See that part about the tamper-proof bag? That's where the folks over at Wine Doggy Bag come in. They make tamper-proof, transparent, one-time use bags that will meet the requirements of the law. With an easy to carry handle, it's the perfect way to get that merlot to go.

Find out whether or not your state lets you take home your wine.

Source: The Telegraph