Move over, Jared. Subway's got a new guy in town, and his name is Michael Phelps. The mega-medal Olympian continues to score endorsements faster than his swimming records. He's now landed an exclusive fast food deal to represent Subway beginning early next year. As Phelps puts it:

Subway restaurants have always given me the options that I am looking for — whether that's healthy sandwiches before a big meet or the tasty meatball sub that I treat myself with. I was ready to take my Subway fandom to the next level — I really think of Subway as a champion food option.

The exclusive fast food deal has left many industry experts puzzled, considering the swimmer unabashedly campaigned for a relationship with McDonald's during the Summer games. But the announcement isn't the first surprise move by Phelps, who shocked everyone when he declined to appear on the cover of the Wheaties box — as many Olympic champions have done — in favor of endorsing Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes. Do you think Phelps is an appropriate fit for Subway?

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