One of the demos I had the pleasure of watching over the weekend at the Food Network's South Beach Wine and Food Festival was lead by Iron Chef Michael Symon. The Cleveland native, who recommends only eating "food that your grandparents and great grandparents can recognize," made fresh pasta with a scrumptious-smelling simple tomato sauce. While cooking, Symon expressed a lot of his strong opinions and spoke at length about garlic. To find out what he has to say about this everyday ingredient,


  • Throw away your garlic press. Symon thinks it's the most useless kitchen tool. He suggests pressing the garlic with the side of a knife for the same crushed effect.
  • Never use processed or jarred garlic. Its bitter quality will not enhance the flavor of a dish.
  • If you prefer to use prechopped garlic because it saves time, Symon says to make your own. Take a head of garlic, chop the entire thing, put in a jar, and cover with olive oil. Place in the fridge and use whenever you want.

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