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Mouthwatering Recipes Made With Nothing but a Microwave

Aug 21 2013 - 7:30am

The microwave — either you love it or hate it. While some people associate it with unsavory dinners out of plastic containers, we're here to tell you it's got much more sophistication than that. Ahead, check out recipes that will show you how to put the good ol' microwave to perfectly good use; in fact, you won't believe these dishes came out of that infamous beeping sound. Whether you're headed back to school and need to make do with a fridge and microwave or your cooking style errs on the lazy side (hey, no one is judging), these dishes are for you. We see those microwave haters dwindling in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

Omelet in a Mug

Start your morning off not with coffee in your mug, but with an omelet instead! Eggs, veggies, and chicken get the microwave treatment [1] and promise not to disappoint.

Source: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen [2]

Cinnamon Roll For One

Does it get any better than a cinnamon roll in a mug [3]? We think not. Try out this deceivingly simple recipe and your sweet tooth will thank you.

Source: Yeah . . . imma eat that [4]

Maple Walnut Oatmeal With Peaches

It's true: oatmeal can be decadent. Just heat some oatmeal, butter, milk, maple syrup, walnut oil, and peaches and you've got one definite breakfast of champions [5].

Source: Not Derby Pie [6]

Lavender and Honey Steamer

You could get a steamer (flavored warm milk topped with foam) from your neighborhood coffee shop. Or you could make it at home, thanks to this simple recipe [7] infused with lavender and honey. But forget the espresso machine or milk frother — all you need is a small mason jar and a microwave.

Source: Hummingbird High [8]

Mango and Jalapeño Quesadillas

A quesadilla is a fail-proof microwave recipe. But this isn't just any quesadilla — it's a mango and jalapeño treat [9] that's all kinds of sweet, spicy, and scrumptious.

Source: Fake Food Free [10]

Baked Potatoes, Two Ways

Get not one, but two rich baked potato recipes [11] that you can make on the fly. One calls for bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, and sour cream, and the other for yogurt, chives, and zucchini. The common factor: a microwave to bake!

Source: A Cozy Kitchen [12]

Nutella Rice Krispie Treats

What do you get out of some marshmallows, Rice Krispies, Nutella, chocolate chips, and a microwave? Crackly biscotti [13] that you'll crave well after the batch has been eaten.

Source: Indigo Scones [14]

Melon Milk Mochi

Never thought you could make mochi on your own? If you've got a few basic ingredients and a microwave, this easy recipe [15] will turn you into a pro in no time.

Source: Pepper.ph [16]

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