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Mighty Leaf Tea - Chocolate Truffle Teas

My friend Scottel doesn't care much for tea, in fact he calls it "leaf and twig water" and wonders why on earth anyone would drink it. However I've found one that even he thinks sounds "very interesting." It's the Mayan Chocolate Truffle by the folks over at Mighty Leaf. In my opinion, Mighty Leaf (a husband-and-wife founded company here in SF) has fantastic hand-crafted teas and I have yet to have a cup that wasn't nice and smooth (or big and robust, depending on the blend).

So when I heard they were now doing a line of chocolate-truffle infused teas, I was definitely excited to try them. The one I ended up with was the Mayan Chocolate Truffle. It's a caffeine free, loose-leaf herbal blend that is made from fine chocolate chips with chunks of chili and red pepper, and bits of apple and strawberry. To be honest, it looks - and smells - a lot like potpourri. The unbrewed aroma is nice and floral - it conveys the sweet, spicy and chocolate all in one whiff. So I loaded up my infuser and got to brewing. I have a kind of crappy infuser, but the amount of sediment leaking from it was far more than any other tea I've made. I think it was the fine bits of chili and chocolate.

While I waited for my tea to brew, I did what I think any other true foodie would have done. I took a pinch of the loose leaf blend and ate it. And surprisingly I really liked it. It's exactly how it's described (apples, strawberries, chocolate chunks (that almost taste like chocolate nibs) and spice - to be honest I immediately wanted to put it on vanilla ice cream. Once I was done with that, I rinsed out my mouth and tried the tea. It was very floral and fruity, with a rich chocolate undertone, smelled amazingly of chocolate, and definitely left this spicy kick in the back of my throat. I highly doubt it'll become my everyday tea, seems a bit too sweet for that, however if I'm feeling a chocolate attack come on, it's really going to hit the spot... that is if I don't eat the entire blend before brewing.

Oh and if you need another reason to seek it out, Food & Wine Magazine named it #20 on its list of 100 Tastes to Try in 2007. 4 oz of loose tea costs $7.95. and there are five other flavors of chocolate truffle teas. You can purchase the Au Chocolate gift box for $36.95.

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