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Stuck in a workout rut? UFC Personal Trainer may be the answer! Designed with leading mixed martial arts training experts, this intense, high-volt fitness program is just what you need to get motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals. Both pre-set and customizable routines to build strength, increase endurance, and burn calories will get you the toned abs, sculpted arms, and killer legs you’ve always wanted. Also for an added bonus, Kinect for Xbox 360 users will get exclusive content and a full-body tracking system complete with immediate feedback on form and technique. True to its name, it really is the ultimate fitness system.

If you’re up for the challenge, there’s a little something extra in it for you too. Unlock the 30 Day Challenge and you become eligible for a $50,000 grand prize! Register online before July 31 for your chance to win! Not convinced yet? Click here to check out these UFC Personal Trainer testimonials and complete product rundown.

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