For last night's Sunday Dinner, I taught you all how to make my mom's Beef Stir Fry. If you doubled the batch, or were only cooking for one or two, you probably have some leftovers. You could just heat it back up, and eat it again tonight, but if you did, you would miss out on the main reason I love this dish. You see, this dish makes for the best (and I mean best), sandwiches.

Take a small french roll (or half of a standard french baguette), slice it down the middle and butter the sides.
Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
Place bread butter side down until crispy.
Fill with heated up Beef Stir Fry leftovers.
If desired place a few slices of your favorite cheese before serving.

The end result is sort of an Asian inspired Philly cheesesteak.

Unfortunately, we ended up devouring our food last night, and so we didn't actually have any leftovers (which is why there's not a real picture). But it's really straightforward and simple to make, so even without visual cues, you should be fine.

Ps. My mom wanted to make sure that I mentioned the following: If you don't feel like bread, make some spaghetti noodles. Heat the meat back up on the stove, and add the cooked noodles to it. Mix it all together for a delicious stir-fried beef with noodles. I'll vouch for this as well, it's also delicious, but it's not Asian-philly steak sandwich!