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Most Popular Ethnic Dishes

Let's Dish: Which of the World's Cuisines Do You Crave Most?

This week, I've passed most of my time watching athletes compete from every country around the world. Between that and the frenzy that is Summer travel, there's little I can do to curb the intense cravings I have for all sorts of global fare, be it Japanese tonkotsu ramen or Greek souvlaki.

If there's one cuisine I crave the most, though, then it's Eritrean. As with Ethiopian cuisine, Eritrean cuisine's mainstay is the fermented, spongy, sour flatbread known as injera, which gets topped with vegetables, meat, and seafood, then eaten out of hand. Unlike Ethiopian food, Eritrean cooking incorporates a number of seafood items and warmer-weather vegetables, like tomatoes and eggplant. In my house, misir wat, a berbere-spiced lentil stew, is the most frequently requested ethnic dish of all. I order it from my favorite restaurant at least once a week, and it's not unheard of for me to eat it for dinner three nights in a row.

Tell me: what cuisine is your Eritrean equivalent? Spill the beans on your favorite ethnic dish below.

kitchenwlittleb kitchenwlittleb 5 years
 @Susannah Chen By far Selam on 16th & U Street NW.  You walk in, the chef is walking around talking to people.  They have a menu, but I've never actually ordered from it.  Just say how spicy, whether I want vegetarian or meats, and they come up with some amazing meals.     If you're looking for Ethiopian, Dukem is great.  And although it's West African, if you ever are craving Ghanian food, Ghana Cafe on 14th and P NW is also excellent.  
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
 @kitchenwlittleb what's your favorite eritrean place in DC? I hear the area has the best East African food in the country.
OhMaxine OhMaxine 5 years
kitchenwlittleb kitchenwlittleb 5 years
We have an awesome eritrean place right near our place too!  It's some of the best food ever.    And I'm going to say my craving is....Korean tacos.  Yes.  That's not really a food.  But there's a food truck in DC called Far East Taco Grill and I crave their tacos every day. It's Korean meets Mexican flavors and I cannot get enough of them. 
amber512 amber512 5 years
I could eat Mexican food every single day for the rest of my life and be completely content.
jacyli jacyli 5 years
Nuala Nuala 5 years
German! The cakes and bread...
Molly-McGlynn Molly-McGlynn 5 years
I could eat sushi all day, every day.
Nicole-Perry Nicole-Perry 5 years
I'm kind of obsessed with Dim Sum, and could (and often do) eat it week after week for Saturday/Sunday brunch. I also find myself frequently craving Vietnamese food (specifically chicken phở). 
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