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Cooking Basics
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Cooking Basics
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Mother's Cookies Return to Store Shelves

Mother's Cookies Are Back

If Mother's Cookies were on your list of discontinued products that you continue to miss, you can cross them off now, because beginning May 4 — just in time for Mother's Day — select Mother's Cookies will return to store shelves in the West.

In October of last year, Mother's unexpectedly closed its doors. Cookie lovers everywhere mourned the loss with farewell t-shirts and by raiding supermarkets for the last of the brand's cookies.

Then, in December, Kellogg's purchased the rights to Mother's Cookies, which is why in a matter of days the snacks will be back in grocery stores where they rightfully belong. To see what varieties will be returning,


  • Chocolate Chip
  • Circus Animal
  • Coconut Cocadas
  • Double Fudge
  • English Tea
  • Iced Lemonade
  • Iced Oatmeal
  • Macaroons
  • Oatmeal
  • Taffy
  • Vanilla Crème

Which cookies are you most excited about?


Join The Conversation
Bonnie3728831 Bonnie3728831 4 years
Where are the Iced Raisin Cookies?!! They were the best! They remind me of my mom. They were her favorites.
gmadana gmadana 4 years
Please, oh please bring back the iced raisin cookies!  Pleeeeeese!!!!!!
bandit1 bandit1 5 years
What about the sugar and  plain oatmeal cookies?
Denise-Baker Denise-Baker 5 years
What about the Iced raisin cookies they were my favorite cookies i also like the taffy cookies but the iced raisin cookies are my whole family's favorite please bring them back
Lindan Lindan 5 years
Please, please bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies. My husband would rather not eat any other cookie. My grand daughter is in mourning that Papa doesn't have a stash of Iced Raisin cookies for her to raid. The cravings are intense. How many do we have to promise to buy?
chocoperu chocoperu 6 years
Iced Raisin "WAS" the Best cookie in the world....I can't believe they Left it out...SHAME on Kellogs!!!!!!!!!
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