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Mouth-Watering Memories

One of the things that I love about food is its ability to capture a moment in time. A taste, a smell, a dish can all bring back extra special memories. When I savor paella and manchego cheese it reminds of when I lived in Spain. When I smell barbecued chicken visions of summer and my father by the grill come to mind. When I eat brownies from a Betty Crocker box it reminds me of fourth grade and jungle gym playgrounds. When I miss my deceased grandmother Nan, I think of her most famous recipe, pork cutlets with monkey eyes. She told me that capers were monkey's eyes and I, forever shamefully gullible, believed her. Recently I found the recipe, in her handwriting, and gave it a try. It tasted better than I remembered! To make Nan's pork with monkey eyes, tell me about your fond food memories or share your grandmother's secret recipes join my new group Mouth-Watering Memories.

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