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The Magic of Mushroom Sandwiches

Feb 15 2012 - 1:09pm

These mushroom sandwiches [1] via Between the Bread [2] look so enticing, don't they? Makes us wonder why every deli board doesn't have a "mushroom sandwiches" section.

For most of my life, I hated mushrooms, and when I turned the corner into mushroom conversion, I became somewhat obsessed. Lately, 'shrooms have been my go-to sandwich filling if I'm not feeling particularly meaty. The earthy, salty taste and the substantial presence feel so decadent, especially when melted with cheese.

First we have a mushroom panini from DeLessio Market [3], smushed into cheesy service with zucchini and onions. Like many mushroom paninis, this suffered from a slight slipperiness, but that didn't stop me from eating the whole thing.


Check out her other mushroom sandwich encounters when you keep reading.

Below, we have a rare specimen of pretty decent airport food: a toasted mushroom and red pepper sub from a Potbelly knockoff at Chicago O'Hare. It wasn't quite as exciting as my Schlotzsky's encounter [4], but after a long flight, it hit the spot.

Want more sandwich (and mushroom) goodness? Then start following Between the Bread [5] — then get to crafting your own OnSugar blog [6]. You may wind up featured here!

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