Move over Martha Stewart, there's a new kid on the crafty Halloween block, and his name is Matthew Mead. Mead is a producer, stylist, and author whose creative work has appeared in numerous publications including InStyle Weddings. To see what I thought of his Halloween Tricks and Treats ($19) book,



  • The book is full of festive and fun ideas. Each idea is accompanied by a photo.
  • Mead excels when it comes to fabulous party themes. I love his owl-oween children's party and his mummy cooked dinner.
  • His decorations are spot on. The fun house section teaches readers how to cover a wall with eyes and create a spooky clock.
  • The book is very inspiring. While browsing the pages I came up with many ideas.


  • Some of the how-tos lack templates and details. Its assumed that everyone will be capable of cutting a witches face out of pizza dough.
  • I was bored by the entire chapter devoted to fondant creations. While they look adorable, I'm just not a fondant fan.
  • Some of the ideas are more hokey than chic. They're appropriate at a cheesy child's affair but wouldn't be stylish at a grown-up party.

Recipes: The recipes are innovative, but too many rely on packaged ingredients like snack cakes or lu biscuits. Still, there are some I'm dying to make:

  • Candy corn freeze (a layered ice cream dessert)
  • Green gruel with eyeballs (a broccoli cheddar soup)
  • Bleeding berry pie (a mixed berry pie decorated with edible candy eyes)
  • A jack-o-lantern cocktail (a vodka carrot juice concoction)

Imagery: The pictures are clear and plentiful. Each idea is represented with a coinciding image.

Overall Rating: If you're a hardcore, crafty entertainer, whose favorite holiday is Halloween, you will love this book. Its chock full of amazing ideas.

Are you familiar with Matthew Mead? Have you checked out any of his books? What did you think?