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Must-Read: The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook

Must-Read: The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook

Ever since the onset of Oktoberfest, I've had beer on the brain. Naturally I decided to break out my copy of The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook. The tome is authored by John Schlimm, a descendant of the Straub beer empire. The collection, which took 10 years to compile, employs beer in every single one of its 400-plus recipes. To see what I think of the cookbook,



  • Schlimm isn't afraid to experiment with beer, and his exhaustive cookbook doesn't leave behind a single category of food or drink.
  • The cookbook contains well-organized chapters. Rather than dedicating one chapter to beer drinks, the author splits the drinking portion into seven different drink chapters that include chasers, party punches, and floats, and milkshakes.


  • The recipes don't include recommendations for beer varieties. Would a cheddar beer soup really taste as good with an IPA as it would a stout?
  • Some recipes are short on specifics. For example, one sausage recipe calls for six sausage links, rather than specifying the ounces.

Recipes: The recipes are simple, concise, and generally only a few short steps. The book covered everything, including:

  • Breads, Pancakes, and Doughs — basil bread, buckwheat pancake rolls
  • Wild Game — elk, bear steak, squirrel dinner for two
  • Desserts — easy vanilla cake, butterscotch tarts

Imagery: There are no pictures in the book.

Overall Rating: Mixed. Pictures would have made a huge difference, but I am excited to have a new cookbook that encourages me to experiment with beer in ways I never imagined. This would make an excellent gift for a fellow beer lover.

Have you checked out this book? If so, what did you think?

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