Animal rights organization PETA has always produced campaigns that have been the subject of contention. And, with Super Bowl Sunday — the biggest day of the year for advertising — looming around the corner, the group has naturally found itself in a hotbed of controversy. NBC has rejected PETA's newest TV spot, aptly titled "Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex." According to the network, the ad — which shows scantily clad women in salacious positions with vegetables — "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards."

The provocative commercial isn't PETA's first suggestive spot. Last year, PETA began its massive campaign linking vegetarianism to virility. Its ads included pictures of women in lingerie with the slogan "Get it up! Go vegetarian." Watch the clip of the banned commercial below, and tell me whether you think NBC was right to pull this suggestive ad.

Was a San Francisco Chronicle columnist on point when he insinuated that PETA is using porn to sell nature? Or is NBC out of line in banning the ad at a time when TV shows run rampant with violence and murder?