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National Pork Board Drops Famous Pork Slogan

Pork: No Longer the Other White Meat?

With words like bacon, ham, and prosciutto associated with its name, you'd think pork would be pretty happy about its status in the food world. But this week, the Des Moines, IA-based National Pork Board announced its hopes to revitalize the protein's reputation by doing away with the famed tagline "The Other White Meat" in favor of a new slogan. The board will launch a new brand campaign in March 2011, after more than 23 years of using the well-known slogan, which it first aired in 1987 as a way to let consumers know pork had fewer calories than one might think.

However, according to Ceci Snyder, the Pork Board's marketing vice president, people have lost sight of the meaning of the phrase. In two decades, chicken has more than doubled in demand; meanwhile, pork sales have remained flat.

The National Pork Board maintains it won't completely drop "The Other White Meat" as a marketing tool — only that the line will no longer be the focal point of its campaign. "It did its job, for sure, back in 1987. It was phenomenal," Snyder said, but "we really need identity that catches people's attention. Being the (other) white meat is just blending into the background." Instead, the new campaign will focus on protein, and include a website overhaul.


"The Other White Meat" is such an enduring campaign that I think it'll be difficult to forget — and hard to top. What do you think of this risky move?


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chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I think it's about time they get rid of their misleading slogan. Yes, pork chops may be light in color when cooked. But it's amazing to me how many people, based on that campaign, think that pork is a "white meat" and thus healthy. In actuality, bacon, sausage, and prosciutto are nothing but carcinogenic processed red meats and are one of the worst food you could put in your body. I would like to see them change the slogan to something like: "Pork: the other cholesterol-filled, hypertension-inducing red meat." And I hate to break it to the pork producers, but they're not going to catch up to the chicken industry, since the chicken most people eat has been genetically modified to the point where the animals can no longer stand upright and are slaughtered 4 weeks from birth. It takes much longer to raise pigs to the point where they can be slaughtered, thus making the whole process less-efficient and more expensive.
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