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National Root Beer Float Day: The First Black Cow

With smooth vanilla ice cream, coppery root beer, and frothy foam, a root beer float is an all-American classic. Root beer was manufactured, bottled, and sold starting in 1880, and legend has it that thirteen years later, the root beer float, which is sometimes referred to as a black cow, was first invented. After glancing out the window late one night, Frank Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado, was inspired to float a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of his glass of root beer. The illumination of the full moon allowed him to glimpse the snow on top of nearby Cow Mountain. The tasty treat was tremendously popular among the town's children, who then called it a "black cow."

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Join The Conversation
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 9 years
That looks soooo refreshing!
ishop2much ishop2much 9 years
I love Root Beer Floats!!!!!!!! This is my new favorite holiday!!!!!!!!!
shafiii shafiii 9 years
yummy!!!!!! i havent has a root beer float in forever!
cageyme cageyme 9 years
A Purple Cow is vanilla ice cream in grape soda. That's pretty yummy, too.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 9 years
More icky sweetness. I only crave it during my period. Otherwise, give me salty snacks.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I've never tasted Root Beer. That's being added to the list of things to try when I eventually get to visit the states. We used to make "black cows" with Coco-Cola when I was a kid.
MissRoxy MissRoxy 9 years
I never liked these as a kid...
jhuck jhuck 9 years
I craved one of these for the past two days and now this! I'm going to have to grab some supplies for one today.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
ohhhhhhhhhh yeah! I used to make these when I worked at a frozen custard shop. Nothing like ice cream and root beer.
millarci millarci 9 years
I feel so unAmerican, because I've never liked root beer. :(
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
wow, is there a day for everything?! I should run to the store to get some So Good Vanilla to celebrate this delicious day! :)
CamillaCat CamillaCat 9 years
That does look good, haven't had one of these since I was a kid.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
This looks SO good! I haven't had a root beer float for the longest time! Any suggestions for where to go for a good one? My dad used to make them for me when I was little. :)
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