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New McDonald's Commercials Take a Deeper Jab at Starbucks

New McDonald's Commercials Take a Deeper Jab at Starbucks

In an effort to further promote its new McCafé coffee bars, fast-food chain McDonald's has released a new set of clips that make fun of the coffeehouse scene popularized by Starbucks, billing it as a stuffy store overrun with brooding intellectuals.

This isn't the first of the campaign against Starbucks: Earlier this year, we took notice of the new McDonald's site, which touts McDonald's coffee as simple, easy, and unpretentious when compared to Starbucks. The new commercials take this concept one step further. "Now we don't have to listen to jazz all day long!" one woman proclaims in the segment below. Check out the commercial for yourself and tell me: Do you find it funny, or is McDonald's, with its new segments that mock Starbucks, taking its ad campaign one step too far?


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