The indulgent world of haute cuisine just got a little more luxurious: Yesterday the Wall Street Burger Joint started serving a $175 hamburger. What makes it so special is the use of high end ingredients such as kobe beef, foie gras, exotic mushrooms, and golden truffle mayonnaise. The entire burger is topped with a generous dusting of gold flakes.

While the creation of absurdly expensive dishes is nothing new, I find it interesting that this burger's debut happens to be in the middle of an international food crisis. I couldn't afford to taste this burger myself, but if dining with a high roller, I would definitely indulge in this extreme excessiveness. I might even ask the chef to add imported aged cheddar! If you're going to go over the top, might as well do it in style. Still, there is something as too much. What do you think about this burger? Is it overly outrageous or divinely fabulous?