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Last Look: The 2012 New York City Wine & Food Festival

Oct 16 2012 - 12:13pm

There was a lot to eat and drink at this year's New York City Wine and Food Festival [1], but the scene was just as stunning as the food. Take a look at some of the shots on the scene as well as some other items we nibbled and sipped on this weekend.

Anthony Bourdain as Guy Fieri

At a roast in his honor [2], Anthony Bourdain [3] was gifted a very special Guy Fieri wig.

Jacques Torres's Burger Bash Creation

At the Burger Bash [4], Jacques Torres created a Halloween-themed sign made entirely out of chocolate.

Jacques's Sweet "Burgers"

For his dessert at the Burger Bash, Jacques Torres made a puff pastry filled with chocolate ganache that was made to look like a hamburger.

Pat LaFrieda Meats

Meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda [5] provided all of the hamburger meat used at the Burger Bash.

Burger Bash Award

Chefs around NYC competed for this best burger award, voted by the people.

Burger Bash Tents

It was a chilly, misty night in NYC, but it didn't stop the crowds from swarming the Burger Bash tents.

Burger Bash Trophy

The hilarious Burger Bash trophy — displayed here from the 2011 New York event — has a rather realistic burger on top.

Drink Tent

Blue Moon Brewery poured beers inside the lilac tent at the Burger Bash.

Birthday Cake Shakes

These birthday cake shakes, which were essentially glorified Oreo shakes, were a classic accompaniment to all of the burgers.

Burger Bash Tent

One of the biggest crowd drawers, the Burger Bash was packed to the brim.

Black Bear Emmenthaler Grilled Cheese

At the Grand Tasting [6], ShopRite served a Black Bear Emmenthaler grilled cheese with crimini mushrooms and Virgina ham.

Karlsson's Gold Vodka

At the Grand Tasting, Karlsson's Gold Vodka [7], handcrafted from virgin new potatoes, had an ice luge sculpture to dispense cold vodka shots to consumers.

Nutella Banana Quesadilla

Ferrero U.S.A. served Nutella and caramelized banana quesadillas at the Grand Tasting.

Cricket Bars

Timothy Ferris of the forthcoming book The Four-Hour Chef [8] served the most unusual offering in the Grand Tasting: protein bars made with crickets, peanut, protein powder, and coconut.

Rice Bran Oil

Also at the tasting: King Rice bran oil, a neutral-tasting, high-heat oil used for deep frying or pan frying foods.


It's a different kind of 31 flavors. Pinnacle Vodka [9], which hails from France, offers 31 quite interesting flavors including cake, cookie dough, cotton candy, cucumber watermelon, marshmallow, and pumpkin pie.

Skylight One Hanson

Skylight One Hanson, inside the historic Williamsburgh Savings Bank, set the scene for Saturday night's Brooklyn's Backyard event.

Mile End Deli's Chopped Liver

At the Brooklyn's Backyard event, Mile End [10] presented chopped liver on house baked pletzel (a Jewish focaccia-like bread) with pickled onions.

Fleisher's Chicken Paté

One of the most impressive items at the event was this house-made chicken liver paté on a rye crisp made with organic, pasture-raised chicken and Ronnybrook dairy. It had a cheeselike complexity.

Food Freaks Fried Brussels Sprouts

At Brooklyn's Backyard, editor Susannah and I couldn't help but pile these crispy, salty, and sweet fried brussels sprouts drizzled with agave atop our plates. We will definitely attempt these at home.

Shameless Ice Cream Sandwich

Shameless Ice Cream managed to perfect a classic pairing at the Brooklyn event: brownie and vanilla chocolate chunk gelato.

Wine Pairings

At Sunday's Fried Chicken From the Soul food and wine seminar, chef Art Smith and sommelier Andrea Robinson paired fried chicken with a variety of wines from sparkling to red.

Lyfe Kitchen's Unfried Chicken

One of the best fried chickens at the event was actually baked and not fried [11]. This particular version was made with wheat panko breadcrumbs.

Andrea Robinson

Master sommelier Andrea Robinson explained how to pair unlikely foods like fried chicken with wines.

Art Smith

Art Smith shared his Southern charm and country fried chicken at the event.

Wines at the Fried Chicken From the Soul

There were five wines at Art and Andrea's event, but the ones that paired best with chicken were the Henriot Brut Rose NV and the 2009 Beaune Greves Vigne de L'enfant Jesus. The wines' slight tannins cut through the grease from the chicken.

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