A number of boutique companies have begun offering a vegetable garden as an added perk for their employees. A garden requires virtually no resources, yet it can bring in huge benefits for the company, such as an increase in office morale, a pronounced focus on worker health and wellness, and an edge over other competitors.

Minneapolis, MN-based branding agency Haberman invested $10,000 to set up a garden for its 30 employees. Said co-founder Fred Haberman: "It's creating that water-cooler effect. People have a greater excitement [about] working at Haberman."Company-sponsored gardens are also gastronomically, emotionally, and financially rewarding for staffers who participate. Twisted Limb Paperworks, a recycled paper products company with a 1,500-square-foot garden outside its Bloomington, IN, office, estimates employees have reaped $2,400 in produce this season.

I'm in love with this idea, and might have to lobby for my own company to consider a plot in the big city! What do you think of it? Do you know of any organizations that are experimenting with corporate gardens?