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The Next Food Network Star - 3.6 Recap

Oh Next Food Network Star, just when I think you can't get any worse... warning don't read on if you're not interested in spoilers.

What should have been an amazing episode - Iron Chef battle! - turned out to be dull and boring. The contestants have to battle against each other in "kitchen stadium junior" and are assisted by former contestants. Paul "The Party Budget" and his sous chef Mike, go up against Rory "The Backyard Bistro" and her sous chef Adrien in a striped bass battle. Jag "Latino Fusion" and his sous chef Colombe (who was made to look as slow and incompetent as possible) go up against Amy and her sous chef Tommy in a whole chicken battle. Now is it just me, or does striped bass seem a bit more difficult than whole chicken?

The challenges are done back to back, and when they're not cooking, the contestants have to provide commentary to the camera. Amy does a great job and even researches Panko crumbs, Jag is okay, while Rory and Paul are just terrible. Paul declares that plum tomatoes are from "plummy" and Rory thinks she's being cute by attacking Alton Brown. Speaking of AB, he should seriously start reading through his contracts better. He does not seem like he wants to be there and it feels as though he is "contractually obligated" to show up - maybe that's not the case, but it sure comes across that way. Not that I'm complaining, he was - for the second week in a row - actually the most entertaining part of the show.

To find out who won and who went home,

In the end, Amy's dishes are declared a "home run" and her perfect commentary secures her a place in the final 3. They also let Rory (who I am now calling Rachael-lite) stick around until next week, leaving Jag and Paul on the chopping block. Here is where I thought we would finally say farewell to Jag (whose breakdown cry-baby tendencies are starting to get to me), but nope, we bid adieu to Paul who (according to Bobby Flay) "needs to learn how to use a spice rack.

What did you guys think, were you sad to see Paul go? Are you even watching this still? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments!

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