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The Next Food Network Star - 3.6 Recap

Oh Next Food Network Star, just when I think you can't get any worse... warning don't read on if you're not interested in spoilers.

What should have been an amazing episode - Iron Chef battle! - turned out to be dull and boring. The contestants have to battle against each other in "kitchen stadium junior" and are assisted by former contestants. Paul "The Party Budget" and his sous chef Mike, go up against Rory "The Backyard Bistro" and her sous chef Adrien in a striped bass battle. Jag "Latino Fusion" and his sous chef Colombe (who was made to look as slow and incompetent as possible) go up against Amy and her sous chef Tommy in a whole chicken battle. Now is it just me, or does striped bass seem a bit more difficult than whole chicken?

The challenges are done back to back, and when they're not cooking, the contestants have to provide commentary to the camera. Amy does a great job and even researches Panko crumbs, Jag is okay, while Rory and Paul are just terrible. Paul declares that plum tomatoes are from "plummy" and Rory thinks she's being cute by attacking Alton Brown. Speaking of AB, he should seriously start reading through his contracts better. He does not seem like he wants to be there and it feels as though he is "contractually obligated" to show up - maybe that's not the case, but it sure comes across that way. Not that I'm complaining, he was - for the second week in a row - actually the most entertaining part of the show.

To find out who won and who went home,

In the end, Amy's dishes are declared a "home run" and her perfect commentary secures her a place in the final 3. They also let Rory (who I am now calling Rachael-lite) stick around until next week, leaving Jag and Paul on the chopping block. Here is where I thought we would finally say farewell to Jag (whose breakdown cry-baby tendencies are starting to get to me), but nope, we bid adieu to Paul who (according to Bobby Flay) "needs to learn how to use a spice rack.

What did you guys think, were you sad to see Paul go? Are you even watching this still? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments!

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Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
Why the hell is Jag still there? I'm really starting to hate the Food Network.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
I dont like ANYONE on this show, its not entertaining, it always turns into "i miss my offspring" cry fest. Just cook already, poor alton looked like he needed a nap
Dianne Dianne 10 years
Amy has so obviously been annointed that it's almost embarrassing. A week ago she was a blithering idiot who messed up soup, and this week she's calm as a cucumber while cooking 3 dishes for 2 iron chefs. Hmmm. Jag's crying jag sapped what was left of my goodwill for him. It's interesting to me that the panel and guest judges/FN employees have torn into all the contestants to the point where I can't imagine they'd think there is a viewing audience for these people.
oceanguy oceanguy 10 years
Amy researched??? Granted all Paul did in his research was look at the pictures on the label, while Amy read the whole thing... oooo so much talent. Seriously, the challenge was a flop. Amy deserved to win for the food but all of the commentary evaluations should have been junked. None of them could hold a candle to AB and none did, none tried. Paul and Rory handled AB's quizzing with lighthearted joking in line with their personalities. Amy handled it by reading a label... I guess it is line with her "organized mommy" personality. And JAG was JAG... more BS than substance. Still Amy won on the food and Rory did well enough. Paul didn't do badly and was booted while JAG's was a disaster and he stayed.. Why do they like him so much?
pjirick pjirick 10 years
I was definitely sad to see Paul go, I find JAG annoying. Paul definitely needed some polish but I think he was closer to being TV ready than JAG is. Yay for Amy though she did a great job and now that Paul is gone I'm definitely rooting for her!
kikidawn kikidawn 10 years
Ohhh I was very upset when they sent Paul home instead of Jag. I can't stand him and will not watch his show if he wins. I am totally with lorynbuggy. I don't like Jag and hope that Amy wins! :) I wasn't too happy last season when Guy won. I am going to finish out this season but who knows if I'll watch the next one (lol probably will though:) )
lorynbuggy lorynbuggy 10 years
I will be so disappointed in the Food Network if JAG wins. For starters, "JAG"?! What kind of name is that? Just because your initials form a word does not make it ok to use it as your new name. That is only the beginning of my dislike for him. Do. not. like. I hope Amy wins, she seems to be the only one with any kind of brains and camera presence. Top chef is so much better than this. It makes me sad, because I love food network, but reality competitions are just not their forte.
yabbiyum yabbiyum 10 years
This show has become abysmally pathetic and bogged down. Jag's crying was so infantile, and the fact that they showed him sobbing means the producers think they have interesting 'reality TV', when it's really just annoying and forgettable like those early roommate reality shows. I am convinced Food Network is WRONG to think they can pull together a group of 'competitors', 'test' them the way they've been doing, and have a great chef emerge who also has a great personality. Telling contestants to 'get a personality' is completely ignorant. IMHO, Food Network has played out the concept that food is 'competition', it's just not that interesting. Food Network needs to send out talent scouts the way they do in sports - watch chefs in their element, check to see if they've published cookbooks, and try to find someone with a new angle that way. Pitting 'contestants' with differing strengths against each other in areas where some are sure to fail is really very sad. It's worse than sad, it's awful.
ccy ccy 10 years
I was kinda sad to see Paul go.. He would be really good for a show similar to "The Thirsty Traveler" where he wouldn't really have to cook anything just talk about what other people are doing.. Either way... My bet is that whoever wins isn't going to have a show past one season... the whole lot of them have been a disapointment...
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
P.S. How is chicken a challenge?!? Bass v. chicken? What the heck.
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
I love the show and am somehow addicted to it, despite agreeing with all of your criticisms. I thought Jag was gone FOR SURE. I felt bad for Paul. Whoever wins is going to wind up on the weekends only. I hope Alton B. is not on any more episodes. He's OK on his own show, but he's an uptight grump on here!
athenac athenac 10 years
I was so rooting for JAG to go home and was shocked when they let Paul go. Paul is so much more approachable than JAG. Ever since JAG made the comment, "I don't adhere to the normal cook" or something like that, I can't bring myself to like him in the slightest. They probably kept him for ratings.
bostongirl88 bostongirl88 10 years
I was SO upset that Paul went home instead of Jag. Paul is sweet and entertaining, whereas Jag is just so darn immature. Between his crying and inability to deal with criticism, he just seems like a child to me. Sending Paul home because his food wasn't well-seasoned was a bad excuse. The vast majority of people watching Food Network shows want to look at some delicious-sounding food and enjoy the chefs' personalities. Anyone who actually uses the recipes will season their food how they want to, anyway! But... that said, I do agree with some of the above comments-- I don't think any of the contestants will see too much success if they get a show. They're just not likeable enough.
badhabit badhabit 10 years
This show is such a disappointment. I really enjoyed the first two seasons. It was clear in the 2nd season that Guy was the shining star, and he already has 2 shows on the network. I think they probably wanted to pick a woman since three men have already won the show, but they made a mistake in getting rid of Nicky and the really tall (Brazilian?) woman in the beginning-they had more personality than Amy and Rory. Plus they should have sent Amy home last week when she was whining and crying about missing her family. Not fair that Adrien had to leave after Amy volunteered to go home! Although I still love the food network, but I have no interest in watching anyone who is left on NFS when they get their own show.
partysugar partysugar 10 years
Oh and one more thing, shouldn't Jag have been sent home for setting off the smoke detector???
motherchef motherchef 10 years
The show concept on paper has alot of bite, but the contestants this year simply lack experience. Season 2 had a series of challenges in front of the camera that really seasoned each contestant. In addition, it seems the intention of this years show has become a bit murky. Season 2 was very clear, get in front of the camera and get used to it, the food skills can follow. This year seems to be get your food skills in order and hopefully you have a personality to follow. I don't think this is fair, given the amount of time it takes to develop yourself in front of the camera. I still think what makes this show special is finding diamonds in the rough who have great personalities ala Rachael Ray, Duff- Ace of Cakes and Paula Dean who draw people in with personality first, food second. Food will always be the background for FoodTV, but who cares if your painful to watch. If we follow this logic of food first, personality second Amy will be the hands down winner.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I'm just like you, ALSW!
Lara16 Lara16 10 years
Wow.. Paul probably isn't the best cook of all the contestants, but at least he was mildly amusing. My vote is now with Rory - I dont think I could stand watching a show with Amy lecturing me on the wonders of french food and how her food has that 'chi-chi factor'and JAG is just annoying. I do agree that she is trying hard to be like Rachael Ray.
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Haven't seen it and now I'm not even interested! And yet, I faithfully read the commentary. :)
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I agree, Alton is always a crabby pants on the show.
partysugar partysugar 10 years
Oh god was last night's episode horrible. Seriously the contestants are total jokes and their show will probably air like 3 times on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am (aka when NO one is watching). The food network is really starting to disappoint me. Rory (I would be a better option for a food newtork tv show: PartySugar Parties!)? Jag (if this guy wins I will stop watching food network)? Amy (does anyone else think she is a vampire??? have you seen those scary pointy teeth??)?
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