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The Next Food Network Star - 3.7 Recap

So um, wow. Did you guys see this coming? If you haven't watched the latest episode of the Next Food Network Star and are afraid of spoilers, then move right along, because something interesting actually happened this time.

I knew there had been a bunch of controversy over Jag's background - and thought it was a bit weird that Food Network has made no official comment about it - however I didn't think he would actually make it to the final two, so I assumed it wouldn't be a problem. Guess I was wrong. Jag made it to the final two only, you can't vote for him. To find out what happened, and why Jag was eliminated,

Okay, I've jumped ahead of myself, so let's back up a minute and start at the beginning of the episode. It starts off with Jag, Rory and Amy mixing up breakfast and what looks like mimosas, only to be joined by guest judge Bobby Flay and several folks from Food Network's PR team. They're told that they're doing a mini-media junket and are then whisked off to the XM Radio Stations to join the Ron & Fez show. Amy does wonderfully, Jag ends up talking trash about Food Network and Rory falls into every trap possible.

After the radio interview, the contestants are whisked back to the studios where they are interviewed and photographed by Star magazine. Jag keeps it positive and avoids questions about his past, Rory talks about how Food Network needs a bolder female personality (really? RR isn't bold enough?), and Amy keeps it real.

Once the interviews are over, they then head over to the Rachael Ray studios where they will each present their signature dish in front of a live studio audience. Amy is up first and does a good job of presenting, but accidentally comes across as snobby. Rory gets some funny looks from Bobby Flay (who seems bored out of his mind to be here) and pushes Rachael out of the way. While Jag wows the audience with jokes and charm, despite the fact that his recipe seemed more difficult. Oh and I wanted to take a second to note, despite what you think of RR, she's really good at her job. I noticed that whenever the contestants started to falter, she asked just the right question to get them back on track. Too bad she couldn't have come in and coached them earlier...

When the press junket is finally over, the judges decide that Rory is staying (my theory: RR is getting bigger than Food Network and Rachael lite is better than no RR at all) as is Jag (the guy is unstable and ridiculous, but he can sure entertain a crowd). I was absolutely stunned when they sent Amy home. She wasn't my favorite (I stopped having one of those weeks ago), but I thought she had the largest chance of staying in.

Now's where the interesting part comes in. We cut to commercial break, and when we return there is some white text on a black background describing the fact that Jag lied about both his service in Afghanistan, as well as his culinary education. They then show Jag telling the judges that he doesn't want to tarnish the FN name and is therefore resigning. I don't know about you guys, but I thought it felt more than just a little rehearsed. It's as if they said, you broke the rules, you're out of here, but so that we don't look dumb and you look like a good guy, you have a chance to resign on film. I mean, Jag's speech seemed like acting, don't you think? Oh and don't they do background checks on these folks? Shouldn't they have found this out before the public did???

So with Jag eliminated, who are you going to vote for? Amy or Rory? You've got until tomorrow - Tuesday, July 17 - at 9am/8c to get your decision in.

Does the fact that Amy is a "side-talker" (as in usually talks out of the side of her mouth) drive anyone else crazy? I think I'd vote for her over Rory, but it still drives me insane.

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This was the first reality show I've watched. I got hooked but was disappointed in the outcome, big time. As Michael, Paul and then Jag were eliminated, my interest waned at the final outcome. My humble observations: Jag was immature and conceited but probably would have been the best food network star. He's a good cook and had some personality. Michael should have been kept in for another round or two. His food was great and I thought he had a decent personality and handled himself well. Paul was too frenetic but fun to watch. Alton Brown seems like an ass. Giada is conceited and relies on her cleavage to get her through too much. It's not neccesary. Rory was OK but the big gums and her comment about using her big chest to advance herself turned me off. Amy was my least favorite. Her food seemed descent but the continual snooty french references and the talking out the side of the mouth were a turn off. They knew about Jag lying early on. It was all planned and staged. They never had any intention of letting a male win the contest for the 3rd time. It was a preordained that a woman would win the contest, which is why they brought Amy back and pulled out the Jag lying trump card at the end. I voted for Rory but didn't feel a bit bad for her when she lost when she showed what a sore loser she was. She'll survive and will make the most of her 15 minutes of fame. I wonder how close the contest was. I guess we'll never know. Amy's show will be a yawn. Food is the most important thing on a FN show but the host can't be boring, unattractive or conceited.
rhondak rhondak 10 years
I voted for Amy...I think I'd rather watch the her than Rory. Rory just seems like one of those "annoyingly peppy" people that I would get sick of pretty quick. And JAG...ugh. How ridiculous.
Jennywoo Jennywoo 10 years
Oh, I don't care that it was rehearsed. They had this conversation in private and gave him a change to withdraw before kicking him off then made him face the nation. Not a bad thing.
Jennywoo Jennywoo 10 years
To the person who said they don't get real cooking shows anyway that is just not correct. The couple who won first season got a sunday morning party food show. Guy, who is on a different level than any competitor of any season yet, has Big Bite and now hosts a "non-cooking" show in addition. Not only did he win a cooking show but got signed for another season and an additional show. I actually think the Hardy Boys are still on somewhere too. As for JAG he is a little boy who doesn't know how to act grown. The only thing I enjoyed from him all season was the tip about the EVOO Red he gave on RR. I didn't like Rory on Popularity Contest and I only dislike her slightly less on the Next Food Network Star. As far as Amy crying all the time that was pretty much one episode and as snobby as I thought she was at the begining of the season I think she seems the most real and down to earth even with her "fancy schmancy". Speaking of which, how is that any different that "yum-o" or any of the other enderearing/annoying things RR says. I think Amy is being the most real offering the least represented food on the Network in an approachable way. Let's face it Julia Child was the last chef to teach us french in a way we could understand. My vote is for Amy and my heart dropped when they picked JAG over her then soared when he dropped out. I agree the speach was rehearsed but I think the rest was genuine but chalk that up to my Naivite.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
I didn’t think “JAG” was a liar, I had just thought he was too high strung, and a very angry person who doesn’t relate to others or the camera. I cant stand chefs who talk normally, but than when explaining a Latino dish start talking In an accent and you can barely understand them, also they start talking fast which I know is indicative of a lot of Latino cultures. He was so uncomfortable at the Army base, and now I know it’s because he had lied about going to Afghanistan and was now around REAL MEN who served over there, nothing more despicable than trying to look good by lying about military service. His explanation, which was basically “I am just immature” was too full of holes, that’s like saying “I didn’t know any better” and you know he did. He can go choke on his sofrito as far as I am concerned. I want Rory to win, and I know she is nothing but Gums and boobs, but I like her cooking and she showed up RR in her own kitchen (should have shoved her in the oven) , Amy is just too “fancy schmancy” and “hoity toity” and cries too much about missing her family.
SouthernMom SouthernMom 10 years
Remember voting is over in about 30 minutes.
vapidintuition vapidintuition 10 years
The food network is barely holding onto me as a viewer. As it stands right now, they have way too many "BOLD" chefs. Rory is retarded, I have no idea what she was thinking saying that the food network doesn't have enough. I mean, think about it. Rachel Ray is one step away from screaming into the camera and demanding that you do what she is doing, Emeril yells "BAM" every ten seconds, and while other chefs may not talk loud, they have a way of making you feel like they think they know everything, even if they really don't. (Like Sandra Lee saying "My recipe" before she makes a freaking fluffernutter sandwich.) I dunno. I don't like either of the contestants. I didn't like ANY of them from the beginning, though I thought I'd honestly rather watch Paul's show, about cool party food on a budget, than any of the others. Plus, his personality made up for the fact that he didn't know as much as the others did. Hello, is not like they don't get scripts and have a teleprompter. The winners of this contest don't end up lasting long anyways, and they never start out with an actual cooking show. Its always a gadget show or something similar to ham on the street or Unwrapped. Pre written script and all. I'd rather Amy win, just because I could at least press the mute button and pretend she's saying something intelligent, whereas I'd have to change the channel entirely because Rory can't seem to keep her cleavage covered, and the whole horse mouth thing is really irritating. That said, I love reading your summaries every week, I look forward to them after every cooking contest television show! hehe.. I can't wait until your hell's kitchen recap. Oooh..
JOpinionated JOpinionated 10 years
My vote is for Amy. Not only does she remind me of Tina Fey in a kitchen, but if I were having a leisurely brunch on Sunday morning with the Food Network on in the background, she's the voice I'd rather hear and the food I'd enjoy learning how to cook.
pinkraindrops pinkraindrops 10 years
I'm voting for Amy. Rory annoys me. And Food Network doesn't need another cleavage queen.
millarci millarci 10 years
I personally love Amy's food point of view, because I can picture myself watching a show about 'The Gourmet Next Door'. I had a good feeling about her throughout most of the competition, and I think she is the best one over all. The side-talking doesn't bother me a tad. Rory surprised me. I didn't think she'd make it this far into the competition. I still don't like her style. As far as JAG goes, I still think he has what it takes, but it's ashame he turned out to be a liar.
rb24 rb24 10 years
wow now after reading the recap I am going to go watch this since I have it on my dvr
priceless priceless 10 years
I think they should just bring Reggie back from last season ( he was the runner up). I dont really have a fav of these two girls. I will watch the finale though to see what happens
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 10 years
I'm sorry but Rory with her horse teeth (hello gummy smile anyone ??) gets to me WAAY WAY more than amy and her sideways talking.
GoofyGirlBlog GoofyGirlBlog 10 years
I don't think they do as through check, it's not like he didn't attend at all or wasn't a marine at all so it's a little harder than just the person not doing it at all. I was sad to find that out about Jag, he wasn't my favorite but I think he had enough pizzaz on his own without having to lie about his background. It did seem really rehearsed and he also seemed to play it off as this is something really painful I have to tell you and that kind of felt as if he thought he was the victim or something. It just didn't sit well with me, Jag chose to lie and Jag got caught.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
Padraigin I agree with you. I don't think that Rory or even Jag has seen Food Network. I know for a fact Food Network is bubbling with bold personalities in every show. I also think that Food Network has a Latina and Italian as a host of their own shows so I'm not sure why Jag would say that FN has no diversity. Lastly I'm voting for Amy, with or without the side talking. I actually like the food she makes; it's more health concious than Rory's slab-on-more-fat-to-the-meal kind of cooking.
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
Agree with Yum about Jag's phony confession. It was simply a "let's all save face now" moment. I like Amy, hope she wins. Rory's comment about how Food Network needs a "bold personality" - never mind Rachael Ray, has she even SEEN Paula Deen? Or Emeril Lagasse? Has the woman ever WATCHED Food Network?
Dianne Dianne 10 years
I get the feeling Rory wants to be on camera so bad she can taste it, especially since she was on the previous reality show. She did graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, and owned a restaurant in New Jersey, and now has one opening in Texas. I just find it odd that she doesn't appear to have any depth of food knowledge, or an overt "point of view" or style, given her background.
badhabit badhabit 10 years
Also I meant to add I read that Colombe was a child actress that played one of the two girl hockey players in the Mighty Ducks movie. Just thought that was a random and strange piece of trivia.
badhabit badhabit 10 years
Southern Mom-I had no idea Rory was a reality TV REPEAT OFFENDER! What is CMT Popularity Contest, is it even food/cooking related? Makes me hope more and more that she doesn't get chosen. I love the food network-most of the shows are entertaining and inspiring-they don't need some reality TV "personality" infiltrating their network in an effort to eventually end up on the surreal life-blech! I liked the two guys that won the first season, and I think Guy was definitely a good find for them, but I don't think I'll watch season 4 after this stinker. I'll keep to watching FN for cooking ideas and get my reality fix with Project Runway!
abolch abolch 10 years
JAG always comes across a little bit fake to me. He's never really been consistent. Thank goodness he is a liar, too, because I loved Amy, and I voted for her twice already! (And yes, JAG's chat with FN came across as completely scripted...all the more reason for me to think JAG is fake.)
bobcatsteph3 bobcatsteph3 10 years
I agree with the others about the Jag thing looking very rehearsed and it truly angered me the Food Network gave him that opportunity. You don't LIE about being in a war zone period. It's a disgrace to those who are really fighting for us. I think he's a hideous human and hope we never see him again. I also agree that with the corporation the Food Network is, do they not even employ interns who can verify the authenticity of applications? It would've probably taken one phone call to find out he didn't graduate culinary school. I actually thought he WAS what the Food Network was looking for, though I found him too much like Guy Fieri. But I lost every ounce of respect for him last night when he essentially blamed the "digging press" for bringing THE TRUTH to light. I now choose Amy, though I have said for several weeks I can't imagine watching any of them, but I just can't look at the big teeth/big gums either when I'm trying to get hungry! And on a side note for those of you with OnDemand they do Next Food Network Star Extras for each episode that are about 15-22 min. long and I really liked watching them and wished they'd put some of the parts in the shows themselves.
SouthernMom SouthernMom 10 years
My vote is for Amy. In my opinion, she is the better talent. This is Rory's second time on a Reality TV show. She was runner-up on CMT's Popularity Contest. If my vote counts, she'll be a runner-up again. On the JAG debacle--The network really hyped this ending throughout the commerials. It's sad that the producers didn't do their due dilegence and check him out. Maybe some of you are right and they did know and this was all for the drama. Since they are already advertising for Season 4 on The Next Food Network Star, I guess there's no hope that we can be spared from another season of this show. I really wish they would stick to food shows. This is not the network for reality TV.
sugarbecky sugarbecky 10 years
I don't have a favorite either, but would rather watch Amy, despite her side-talking, than Rory with her ridiculously large tooth/gum combo.
LuciLu LuciLu 10 years
hahaha, side talkers. too funny. i am voting for amy, even though just a few weeks ago she drove me crazy with her crying. i like her "gourmet next door" idea. but truly, both of these ladies are boringgg.
Lara16 Lara16 10 years
Amy's departure was strange from the get go. She didn't seem surprised and she didn't seem sad or anything. She aggravates me, though. It seems like she can't go too long without either mentioning something in French or saying 'fancy schmanzy'. I don't think I would watch either Rory or her, but I voted for Rory. I am not a RR fan, but I do have to say she was extremely nice and helpful to all the contestants while they were on air. I think Bobby was annoyed that he had to sit through RR's talk show, she being a non-chef who beat him & Giada in Iron Chef. Just my take on his I'd-rather-be-somewhere else face.
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