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The Next Food Network Star - Season 3 Finale Recap

Did you watch the finale of the Next Food Network Star? If so, then you know that it was a weird snooze-love-fest hosted by Marc Summers. I still have a hard time thinking of him as a "food personality," mostly because I can't seem to disassociate him from Double Dare. I spent the whole time expecting him to yell, "On your mark. Get set. Go!" - which, by the way, he never did. Although now that I've thought about it, don't you think NFNS would be more entertaining if the contestants had to go through physical challenges and obstacle courses? But I digress...

The finale episode was mostly a recap/reunion show. We saw highlights from the season, behind the scene clips, the contestants now (anyone like Jag's little glasses?), and all the tears, whining and goofing off that happened during the season. They pretty much showed anything that would drag the show out for 58 minutes before the winner was declared. So who won? To find out,

After an awkward car sponsorship placement from Emeril, and a speech from the Food Network President, Bobby & Emeril announce that America has chosen Amy! The picture on the right pretty much sums up everything. Amy flabbergasted, Emeril and Bobby doing their duties, Marc hosting, Rory probably crying, and Adrien glaring, although I'm not quite sure who his angry face is directed towards. Oh and perhaps I am just too cynical, but doesn't it sort of look like they're taunting Amy? As if they are like little devils saying, "Take the key, be one of us! Take the key!"

In the end, I wonder what the percentage was. Although I was rooting for her, I was actually surprised that Amy won. How about you, were you surprised? Will you tune in to her show? What do you think of Jag & Paul's friendship? Did you notice how they never showed Rory's face after she hugged Amy? And finally, will you be tuning in to Season 4 of NFNS?

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rdnkchick rdnkchick 8 years
In answer to post 32, Jag was thrown off the show because he was found to have lied about his military history and his cooking experiences.
rdnkchick rdnkchick 8 years
I was so angry when Amy won the competition and then didn't even follow through but moved to France to "further my culinary education". Amy had been eliminated which left Rory and Jag as finalists...Jag was found to be lying about his background and was eliminated so Rory should have won. For Amy to not even take advantage of her opportunity but to cheat Rory out of it was just unconscionable in my opinion. I'm very happy for Rory that she has fulfilled her dreams of opening a restaurant in Vega, Texas and another soon to follow.
ddhawkins ddhawkins 10 years
I guess I missed the show where JAG was pulled off the show. What happened??? The last show did not make sense because the one before it was not shown in my area---I guess.
calibabi calibabi 10 years
i wondered why they never showed rory's face as well...i'm sure she was NOT happy. all i know is that i'm happy i recorded this so i could fast forward all the boring parts (which was 99% of the show!)
motherchef motherchef 10 years
America has voted and I think they got it right. Rory is adorable with her small town graciousness, hospitality and food perspective. I think being on back to back reality shows may have hurt a bit, but let me be honest both Amy and Rory could cook their booties off. America voted on likability and Amy being a stay at home mom really appeals to the FN audience. Correct me if I am wrong but FN does not have a stay at home mom who's full time job is to raise kids and cook for family. Amy is a dangerous combination of good food chops and cooking on the run experience. Hello, what parent out there hasn't said to themselves that their bored making flippin mac and cheese with hot dogs and ketchup over and over again. I will watch the first episode of Amy's show to see if she does target those stay at home parents or go the French Cuisine route, which will cause several foodies to run for cover. Note to season 4 contestants, do your homework FN has already done theirs. Food network is slowly moving away from the professional chef appealing to the home cooks route. Food network is going after personality that can draw ratings and have some bite, ala Guy and Duff.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
I am glad Amy won, but like Guy, and the two before him, she will be stuck in Food Network oblivion with some dumb show "gourmet next door" i will be surprised if the powers that be let her out of the cage, cant step on Ray-Rays toes can we?
Dianne Dianne 10 years
I think the finale was a snooze because they probably had to put it together at the last minute. The original agenda called for the two finalists to have a match-up at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. My guess is that they taped that show with Rory and Jag, and then the whole Jag fallout happened, so they had to hustle to do something to replace it. I'm glad Amy won, although her meltdown of a few weeks ago where she asked to go home has definitely hurt her credibility with me. I'll watch her show, but I'm guessing after 6 episodes we'll never see her again. Waiting to catch Rory on next season's Survivor or Surreal Life!
mrsw mrsw 10 years
Gah - the Food Network fell off when they eschewed my beloved 'Molto Mario.' At least Amy is bringing a little French culture to the network, even if they do dumb it down to a "next-door" pedestrian level. I miss actually LEARNING something from the honest-to-goodness chefs of yore (Batali, Moulton et al), but I suppose FN thrives on the over-extended/soccer-mom/home-cook set. Maybe one day some marketing wizard will drum up a little competition - i.e. Fine Living vs HGTV. For now - I'm living for Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' and Iron Chef. Way to go Amy, and best of luck. I'll give her show the benefit of the doubt. :)
mixed-media mixed-media 10 years
It was SO BORING. I didn't like either of them but I really couldn't stand Amy... regardless of who won, I won't be watching their show! :)
JessBear JessBear 10 years
I never watched the show, but I always read the recaps- it sounds like a semi-interesting show, but not interesting enough to hold my attention for an entire hour and countless commercial breaks. Anyway, I was certain Amy was going to win. The fact that she originally wasn't supposed to be part of the final two, her "I don't want to win" all adds up to the perfect reality TV foil. And I can't believe she wore a dress from Target. I love the place, but I would have assumed FN would have lent them some designer duds.
silverpenny013 silverpenny013 10 years
I'm glad Amy won, I think her show will be a lot more interesting than Rory's. Rory was a little blah. Like... I could make anything she did without a second thought. Amy, though... I felt like I could get more knowledge from her. I got this feeling that she knew what she was doing. Next year, I really hope they go back to the Season 2 format - you have the personality, now get the on-camera going. They should get rid of this Top Chef feeling, it doesn't work for NFNS.
CocoChic CocoChic 10 years
I knew I had just seen that dress at Target!
Fashion Fashion 10 years
Namaste8799: She is indeed wearing Libertine's Crepe Dress from Target! Here's a link: xo
dajulieness dajulieness 10 years
I was glad that Amy won. I dont think Rory has the right type to energy or personality for the food network.
mollywog mollywog 10 years
I thought Amy was probably the best of all of them, which isn't saying that much. I'll try watching Amy's show when it comes on, but I don't know if I'll be able to stand it!
namaste8799 namaste8799 10 years
Is Amy wearing the Libertine dress from Target?
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
I agree with Yum's observations. I thought the finale was a drag, and you could predict the outcome from the beginning. I don't really think it's fair, considering Amy was previously eliminated. All I'll say is that girl needs a makeover if she's going to have a show.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
maybe for next season they should have marc summers host the finale again and have the contestants whip up a batch of edible green slime!
MrsSchmitt MrsSchmitt 10 years
I swear we're going to hear some gossip about Jag and Paul at some point! Jag kept putting his hand on Paul's inner thigh and they looked rather comfortable with each other. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that!
SweetBellaSophia SweetBellaSophia 10 years
Rory was AWFUL, so yay for Amy... I couldn't watch it anymore simply because I really couldn't stand looking at Rory... those teeth... my god. Why are they doing another season? How many new stars do they need? What will happen to the shows I love? Will they have to get cancelled to make way for some new personality I won't even like? I hope next season is the end... has anyone watched Simply Delicioso?
Tamquette Tamquette 10 years
Oh Boy what a snoozefest the final episode was!!! Damn!!! Both Amy & Rory are boring, but I am glad that Amy won. I really could not stand to see Rory's smile if she had won...Worse...To watch her for at least 1/2 hour if she got her own show...
a-geek a-geek 10 years
I would never watch a show from either of them, and boy was the Mercury placement cheezy. Hopefully this is the last season of the show.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I didn't watch this. I just read your recaps.
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
I can imagine how Rory would be P*ssed, think about it Amy wasnt even suppose to be there and to lose out to her, I would be balling like a baby too. I dont think Amy deserved to win at all(with all her silly-ness about quiting-can we say I need attention- and all the other stuff) and I think her show is going to end up being a snooze fest anyways , itll be off the air in weeks......
Swp2885 Swp2885 10 years
I was really happy Amy won- although I had a feeling, a couple weeks ago I was walking to work (not far from chelsea market where the food network is) and I saw a cab drive by with amy in the ad on top with the words french toast next to it, I had no idea if it was a prize at the time, but now i'm guessing it was a ad for her new show that was put out a little too early- oops anyone else have any idea what it could have been? i might have missed something i missed a few shows
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