Did you watch the finale of the Next Food Network Star? If so, then you know that it was a weird snooze-love-fest hosted by Marc Summers. I still have a hard time thinking of him as a "food personality," mostly because I can't seem to disassociate him from Double Dare. I spent the whole time expecting him to yell, "On your mark. Get set. Go!" - which, by the way, he never did. Although now that I've thought about it, don't you think NFNS would be more entertaining if the contestants had to go through physical challenges and obstacle courses? But I digress...

The finale episode was mostly a recap/reunion show. We saw highlights from the season, behind the scene clips, the contestants now (anyone like Jag's little glasses?), and all the tears, whining and goofing off that happened during the season. They pretty much showed anything that would drag the show out for 58 minutes before the winner was declared. So who won? To find out,

After an awkward car sponsorship placement from Emeril, and a speech from the Food Network President, Bobby & Emeril announce that America has chosen Amy! The picture on the right pretty much sums up everything. Amy flabbergasted, Emeril and Bobby doing their duties, Marc hosting, Rory probably crying, and Adrien glaring, although I'm not quite sure who his angry face is directed towards. Oh and perhaps I am just too cynical, but doesn't it sort of look like they're taunting Amy? As if they are like little devils saying, "Take the key, be one of us! Take the key!"

In the end, I wonder what the percentage was. Although I was rooting for her, I was actually surprised that Amy won. How about you, were you surprised? Will you tune in to her show? What do you think of Jag & Paul's friendship? Did you notice how they never showed Rory's face after she hugged Amy? And finally, will you be tuning in to Season 4 of NFNS?

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