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"Nice" Girl Corey Couldn't Cut it in the Kitchen

"Nice" Girl Corey Couldn't Cut it in the Kitchen

While she may not be celebrating a Hell's Kitchen win anytime soon, this week's booted contestant, Corey, is celebrating something: her recent wedding! Corey was in good spirits yesterday when we spoke over the phone. She's enjoying her time out of the kitchen free-lancing and hopes to someday have a cooking travel show. To see what she has to say about HK, Gordon Ramsay, and her fellow contestants,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated?
: It didn't feel fabulous, but I felt like he made the right choice. Christina had her heart in the right place, she's ready for that next step, and she played the game while staying true to herself. Petrozza is the same, you know, he had his heart in the right place too.

PartySugar: What was it like working in the Kitchen? Did you ever really feel like you were in Hell?
: Yeah, it was beyond Hell. It was like a living nightmare for four weeks. It's such an intense experience. There's an intense pressure when you are all living in a house together, you know sharing a bathroom with Bobby. You have to do interviews every five minutes and you walk into the kitchen and Chef is there waiting to tell you the next challenge.

PartySugar: Who are you rooting for?
: I'm rooting for both of them, but I think Christina will end up winning. She's young, she's just out of culinary school. You know it's not that Petrozza is a bad cook but he's a 50 year old man who's sloppy in the kitchen. I don't really think that's the image Ramsay wants send to the world with his executive chef. Christina is moldable, fresh and Ramsay can create something out of her.
PartySugar: Do you think being sneaky and strategic helped you make it to the final three?
: Not at all. See? That's how they edited it to look, but I didn't go in thinking strategy. It doesn't matter if you do think like that, Chef Ramsay puts his own spin on everything and he's not going to ignore it if you can't cook. Without my talent I couldn't have almost made it to the top two.

PartySugar: You talked a lot about being able to seduce men, how do you think your husband felt when he was watching you use your body/image to get ahead?
: When I see that [laughs] that was editing. My husband doesn't like it because he is Columbian. It was a TV show, they have to edit it to make it entertaining. What Louross and I had was a friendship. I was just being funny, being myself when I was in the hot tub. They portrayed it in a different way than it was.

PartySugar: At the end of last night's episode, Ramsay said, "nice girls don't make great chefs," do you agree?
: I don't know. I thought that statement was funny because I don't really think I was that much of a nice girl on the show. I wasn't all that nice. You can't be a nice person and be afraid to be mean if you are chef. I think what Ramsay was referring to was being emotional. Sometimes I would get upset and let my emotions be involved in what I was doing, but as a chef you can't let that happen.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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