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Norwegian Open Face Burger

Savory Sight: Norwegian Open Face Burger

Have you ever tried karbonader? Yep, I didn't think so, I've never eaten it either. In fact, I had never even heard of karbonader, the Norwegian-style open faced slider, until I stumbled across this image in the Savory Sights group in the YumSugar Community. Senorita writes:

My mormor (grandmother in Norwegian) was up for the weekend and treated my family to her delicious karbonader. It is a slice of bread with Norwegian mayo, a patty of ground meat (usually a variety of beef, pork, etc.) topped with caramelized onions, butter lettuce leaves, and a tomato slice. It is a super simple dish, but one of my favorites.

Don't they sound absolutely delectable? What I want to know is, what exactly is Norwegian mayo?! Do you have a favorite grandmother's recipe to share? Please tell us about it below or in the community.

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senorita senorita 7 years
I had no clue they were common at funerals. My mormor only makes it when we beg her and I have had them with butter too but prefer the mayo. I do agree Norwegian open face sandwiches are very petite! ;)
CoconutPie CoconutPie 7 years
These look delicious! :feedme: Norwegian mayo is a lot sweeter than any other type of mayo. If you look at the ingredients list, sugar comes before salt. The yellowish color comes from food coloring. I personally do not like that type of mayo. And it also doesn't work well in dressings and other recipes. Karbonader are delicious when they're homemade. Sandwiches with karbonader are not everyday food though. Norwegians normally keep their sandwiches really, really basic (one slice of bread, butter and one slice of ham or cheese).
komler komler 7 years
These are actually pretty standard for when ordering open-face sandwiches for things in Norway. (A lot of funerals I've been to have had them.) You get sandwiches with the standards: karbonader, roast beef, shrimps, smoked salmon, and possibly also additional different toppings such as liver paté, ham, etc. There is usually a type of plastic spear (not toothpick, but similar, holding it all together, and as a kid I used to save these from funerals I went to. Unlike the Danish open-faced sandwiches, which can be huge, and almost impossible to eat without deconstructing it, unless you have a really big mouth, the Norwegian sandwiches are better for those of us with smaller mouths ;)
senorita senorita 7 years
Actually, the mayo come in a tube and is much more yellow. You can get some Nordic House! The flavor is just a lot richer than american style mayo.
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