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Off With Their Heads Lollipops

If you were one of those weird kids who liked chewing on your dolls, then you're in luck. These watermelon flavored Sigmund Freud Head Pops will bring you right back to first grade - although I'm not quite sure what Freud would actually say about the whole thing. After all, I'm sure there's some sort of metaphor waiting there... Each lollipop is 2 1/4 inches tall with a 4-inch plastic stick. I think it'll look really odd in your mouth, but I think the display box of 24 candy Sigmund Freuds is even odder. Oh and if you're not into Freud, you could opt for Marie Antoinette (hence my ridiculous clever title) or Abraham Lincoln instead. Box of 24 lollipops available for $27.95.

Source: Tastespotting

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crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Omg. Haha.
Scarlet Scarlet 10 years
He'd say that sucking on his watermelon-flavored head is the result of some unresolved sexual childhood conflict.
HellooQueen HellooQueen 10 years
i like the marie antoinette ones
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
uhm really? what would Freud say about this?
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
These are odd, don't think I'll try these!
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
Oh sorry, Yum, that was careless of me! I didn't even notice hehe! It was the first thing I thought when I saw the photo. :) I love Archie McPhee even though many could classify it as "nerdy" humor. Their stores are so much fun to get lost in!
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
How bizarre. I can imagine eating one of these things would look quite strange! I like the Marie Antoinette idea more than Abe and Freud.
jhuck jhuck 10 years
They're weird, yet strangely I want one
Food Food 10 years
bigestive- that's where it's from!
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
Haha this looks like something straight out of the Archie McPhee store in Seattle. Love it!
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