I am an avid traveler and fly often, sometimes shorter flights from Oakland to San Diego and sometimes longer flights from San Francisco to exotic international destinations involving Spanish speaking countries.

If you fly like I do, you'll have noticed a dramatic difference in air travel recently. Gone are the free food and meals! Sure if the flight is a quick one and under two hours, no free food is necessary. However if the flight crosses the nation, that's six hours with nothing but a tiny bag of peanuts. In a few weeks I'll be visiting my friend Andrew in NYC and I need your help readers! I want you to send me your best ideas for airplane snacks. The food can be premade at a gourmet supermarket or recipes of your own for travel friendly snacks. Save your finds to the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Airplane Snacks. Likewise, add your recipes to the recipe database, once again tagged with Airplane Snacks.

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