A few weeks ago I was asked to cater a dinner for 20 with the request that the main dish be some sort of chicken and pasta. When I asked what specific kind of chicken and pasta the only guidance they gave me was please no pork. When I sat down to plan it, I started TFO-ing (totally freaking out) big time about what to make as the possibilities are virtually endless. In a futile attempt to help me, my wonderful mother (who doesn't cook) suggested I simply sauté chicken and toss it with cooked pasta. I was horrified at the thought of serving a meal as flavorless and bland as plain chicken and plain pasta and then suddenly my dilemma was solved. Duh! I could turn to you faithful readers and ask you for advice. What kind of chicken and pasta should I make? I need you to send me your best, flavor packed, innovative recipes for chicken and pasta, please! Add them to the recipe database on TeamSugar with the keyword Chicken With Pasta. I (and the 20 people who shall be eating this dinner) appreciate your help!

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