During the spring and summer, my mom and I like to go over to my grandfather Al's house to tan and swim in his pool. He lives in the East Bay and often times it is 10-15°F warmer at his house than it is at ours. When we head over to Al's house, we stop at the store for the fixings for a lovely dinner. I love cooking in his kitchen because it's super open, always clean, and has two ovens. However when I go to clean up after cooking, he never has any nice dishtowels. As purchasing linens for the kitchen is hardly a task that a bachelor like him should have to partake in, I want to get him a whole bunch of new towels. The towels should be durable and simple. No hearts and nothing too girlie. Think block colors and nautical accents. Save the kitchen towels you find in the Yum Market with the keyword, Dishtowels. I can't wait to see the towels you discover!

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