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Off to Market: Fondue Pot

Next week I'm helping my sister and her BFF plan a girls-only Valentine's Day party. Fondue is on the menu, but we don't have a fondue pot! Can you help us by searching for a fabulous fondue pot? Look for festive, colorful pots that are easy to transport. We will need one for cheese and another for chocolate, so search for both types. Save the pots you find in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Fondue Pot. Thanks and happy hunting!

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lms lms 9 years
The pot in the picture is actually the prettiest one that I found a long time ago when I was looking for one.
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Mmm fondue. This pot is nice.
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 9 years
very pretty
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Ya we are. You make a mean martini too. ;)
emalove emalove 9 years
Mmmmm, it. Aimeeb and I are fondue connoisseurs!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
jessy-you poor thing!!
jessy777 jessy777 9 years
I do not eat fondue anymore after unfortunate accident that resulted in me stabbing myself with a skewer. It was a bloody end to a nice Valentine's Day celebration. I love that pot though.
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
You can find fondue pots at any houseware Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linen's N friend got one there. My girlfriends and i just had a game night and had chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and angel food cake. It was so gooooood....and fun too!
HipMom HipMom 9 years
Advide from a Swiss: for cheese fondue, you need a ceramic pot. You can use a metal one for Fondue Chinois (thin slices of meat cooked in broth) or Fondue Burguignonne (cubes of meat in hot oil) but I would REALLY not recommend it for cheese. If cou want to eat fondue one in a while you can go to a restaurant, but if you like to make it at home you should really buy a set. The cool thing about fondue is that it's fun and relaxing because you just sit, dip and eat. To do that you need the caquelon and you need to place it over a rechaud (a special burner) so that the temp stays even and you can just prep, serve, sit and enjoy :-) Caterpillargirl - there are electric ones on the market, but Id on;t know if you get the same results.
Taadie Taadie 9 years
ive always wondered about fondue pots. Do you really need them or are they more decorative? Could you just melt the cheese in a pretty crockpot? Or if you have a lot of guests could you use a deep frying pot with really really long skewers?
jspeed jspeed 9 years
I found a couple great, unique fondue recipes on this site: Chevre & Herb Fondue: Cheddar, Roasted Garlic and Zinfandel Fondue: Now I'm feeling inspired to have a fondue party myself! These sound even better than The Melting Pot's combos.
gatorgirl85 gatorgirl85 9 years
I just bought a fondue pot yesterday as a v-day present for my bf! freaaaky!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I have three pots and I have never used any of them because i dont want to mess with the things you burn underneath.( given to me as gifts)Is there an electric one out there?
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 9 years
I already have a valentines fondue pot! It was a gift though, so I have to see where my BFF found it!
jspeed jspeed 9 years
Wow, I love the copper one you have pictured! But that won't stop me from trying to find more...
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