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Off to Market: Peeler

When I moved out of my parents house they were kind enough to give me a wide selection of kitchen tools. However, the peeler I ended up with is older than me! After struggling to peel one too many apples, the time has come for a shiny, new peeler. Can you help me find it? Look for a durable, dishwasher-friendly peeler that can slice through the thick skin of butternut squash. Bookmark the peelers in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Peeler. I'm curious to see your discoveries!

Read geeksugar's guide to bookmarking to better understand how to this fun feature works.

To see where I like to shop for all my culinary needs,

Bed Bath & Beyond
Crate & Barrel
Linens and Things
Pier 1
Plum Party
Pottery Barn
Sur La Table
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Williams Sonoma
Wishing Fish
World Market

TheChinaman TheChinaman 9 years
I've got a "Y" peeler just like W's (2nd post), but probably a cheapo version. I've had it for years and it still peels anything I throw at it. I've tried different styles and won't be changing anytime soon. I suppose I could get one with an ergonomic grip, but if it ain't broken...
mudnessa mudnessa 9 years
i hate the kind like in the picture, with the extra part at the top of the peeler, makes peeling big items really hard for me. i am not a very good peeler anyways though. i like simple metal ones with nothing on the top to impede me with peeling things. i think i may need to take a peeling class though, haha.
w w 9 years
I personally prefer the peelers where the blade is perpendicular to the handle, and my favourite is this Victorinox Metal Swiss Peeler (2nd row, extreme left). I can't seem to find any online shops selling it though :( But it's got a very sharp blade, its easy to clean, handy, light, and can be hung on a hook for easy access. It's also cheap and doesn't take up a huge amount of space!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i had an old school peeler for the longest, one of those that is so dull that you hurt your hand more so than actually getting anything done with the food. i have a pretty pink one that kind of looks like the one that you've posted a pic for here. i think that the key is to have a large enough handle for you to have a good grip
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