Today is my girlfriend Elizabeth's birthday (Happy Birthday!). Since she never really gets to celebrate her birthday being that it's the day after Christmas and all, tonight I am hosting her a surprise informal snack in the form of a wine and cheese tasting at my house. I encouraged you to help me out by posting your tastiest cheese and boldest wine picks in the Yum Market with the tag of After Christmas Snacks. Now you know that I plan on serving the cheeses on these artisan boards, but what types of cheese will I serve?

The assortment of blue cheeses submitted by Yum Market master, KWM will be delicious when eaten with toasted walnuts and gooey honey.

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To see the rest of my vino and queso selections

KWM suggested I pour a Pinot Noir when offering the blue cheese assortment. Thanks for your great pairings, KWM!

I also plan on serving a white wine and a hard cheese. I found this unoaked Australian Chardonnay and I'll pour it with this English white cheddar.

Thanks for those who posted in this Yum Market challenge! If you want to participate in the next one, One Pot Meal mission, hurry because I have to make my choices on Thursday!