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Off To Market Recap: Airplane Snacks

I like to pretend that I'm a jet setter by traveling a lot. Last month I went to New York, this weekend I'm flying down to Los Angeles to spend Easter with my older bro, and in May I'm off to San Diego to host a barbecue. Recently I noticed a dramatic difference in air travel: gone are the free food and meals! Sure if the flight is a quick one and under two hours no free food is necessary. However if the flight crosses the nation, that's six hours with nothing but a tiny bag of peanuts?! Now I'm not complaining, I've actually never been a huge fan of airplane food, only god knows what sorts of chemicals and preservatives go into those little frozen meals, but I do need a little sustenance to tide me over. Luckily you've saved me from any in-flight hunger pains by sharing your favorite Airplane Snacks in the Yum Market. Here's what I'll pack in my Juicy Couture weekender the next time I head for the SFO/OAK:

TexasTwinkle showed us her "best snack for your backpack" a crunchy trail mix filled with healthy nuts and yummy M&M's. Sounds like the perfect treat to get your vacation started on the right foot. No time to make something before you leave? There's more, including store bought snacks to pick up on your way to the airport, so

Everyone knows that peanut butter is a healthy snack option because it's a great source of protein, but if nuts aren't your style, make like rubialala and pick up a pack of organic peanut butter sandwich cookies.

After all of this food you'll be feeling thirsty. Although you can't bring liquids through security check points, once you're inside stop by one of newsstands and buy a small jar of Martinelli's apple juice. This is an old school favorite of mine that thanks to pinky tuscadero I've got a craving for right now.

Keep on saving your amazing snacks, recipes, and kitchen essentials in the Yum Market and you may find your find featured here! To learn more about the Yum Market and posting recipes to the database, please read geeksugar's detailed description.

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