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Cooking Basics
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Off To Market Recap: Cake Plate

By now most of you know about my obsession with making cakes. I don't mean those cakes from a Betty Crocker box, I mean elaborate creations that have tons of steps and take hours to complete. An epic cake of these proportions deserves, and requires, beautiful presentation. Unfortunately I don't have a cake platter or a cake stand... imagine how sad my gorgeous cakes look on a boring old everyday dinner plate! That's why I asked you to head off to market in search of cool cake plates. Just in time too: it's YumSugar's birthday on Monday, my half birthday on Friday, and my sister's birthday in 2 weeks so looks like I have a lot of fabulous excuses to go all out making cakes. You guys found some pretty plates and saved them in the Yum Market with the tag Cake Plate. I totally appreciate all your searching. Here are my favorites:

For modern, sleek cakes with ganache frostings, I love this square cake plate that chellebaby found. It's totally contemporary and will make any chocolate-y creature that much more mouth-watering.

A couple more, so

The exact opposite type of cake: an old fashioned layered one with thick, rustically spread frosting calls for a classic glass cake dome. Chlyn discovered this beauty that every at home baker needs. Even if you aren't serving the cake on this platter you need a safe place to hold the left overs.

A complete sucker for anything shiny, and I love this beaded crystal cake plate submitted by amyfinke. What better way to feel like a princess on your birthday than with a cake presented to you on this sparkling plate?

Thanks to everyone who scoured the web for cake plates! To learn more on how to bookmark your foodie finds in the Yum Market, check out geeksugar's guide.

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celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
i dont know why but the simpler one is my fave, the glass one. its so classy!
bianda_lin bianda_lin 10 years
Yep! agreed. Baking costs alot of money. not mentioning how complicated it is, have to measure everything perfectly and timing is important too. but guess what when u're done with it and you see the finish plates... i think it's all worth it :P
Janners Janners 10 years
I'm addicted to baking. And it's costing me SO MUCH money. I did a layered red velvet today and I'm really itching to try out a tiramisu recipe... or some kind of genoise cake. But my goodness, I do my baking with splenda... and that stuff's expeeeeensive :/ Baking has kind of been like stress relief lately... it's fantastic. And I'm absolutely dying to buy some china to show off my goods, if you get my drift. FLEA MARKET!
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