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Off to Market Recap: Cheese Grater

Microplane at ShopStyle

My current cheese grater is in a direly sad state. At the start of its life, it was attached to a handy plastic container that held the shredded cheese. But this container went into the kitchen black hole and has long since been forgotten. The blades are worn, the handle is cracked, and it's high time I put this tool out to pasture.

That's why I asked you to help me find a new one! You searched the Internet and bookmarked your favorite graters in the Off to Market group in the YumSugar Community. Check out the grater that Lauren has. It's a Microplane Better Box Grater that she absolutely loves: "the grips on the bottom prevent it from slipping and it has plenty of different grating types for me."

Sounds like I should take her advice and invest in this grater. Thanks Lauren! Browse all the cheese graters below.

Interested in learning more about bookmarking? Check out the complete instructions here.

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