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My mom is hosting a dinner party and since she does not cook I promised her I would cater the event. To keep things simple she requested a meal that consists of chicken and pasta. Chicken and pasta are two dishes that really take on the flavorings of the food they are cooked and the possibilities are endless: Simple?! Make that stressful. Luckily I have you readers and you saved your best chicken and pasta recipes in the database on TeamSugar. You tagged your most innovative, crowd-pleasing recipes with the keyword Chicken With Pasta. Here are the most mouth-watering recipes:

Doesn't this
Chicken Sylvia with Fettucine

look absolutely delicious? I want to make a big plate of it for myself right now! This recipe by mandiesoh features Mediterranean ingredients: olives, canned tomatoes, and basil.

For more original chicken and pasta recipes,

Daisygirl1979's recipe for a

sounds absolutely divine. The ingredient list is what caught my eye: not only does it include the requisite chicken and pasta, it incorporates tons of vegetables (leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic) and a few out-of-the-ordinary (for pasta) elements (cilantro, banana peppers). I can't wait to experiment with this in the kitchen!

Penne with Roasted Peppers Vermouth and Chicken

sounds like another winner. Roasted red peppers, feta, vermouth, and turkey sausage mingle with the chicken and penne in this dish saved by quietriott.

Thanks for helping me! Don't know how to create and share recipes on TeamSugar? Have no fear, just quickly read geeksugar's explanation.

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