A few weeks back, I told you about my poor hard working friend Kathleen. She is amazingly fabulous, but has a super long work day so we don't get to hang out much. She commutes and catches the bus at the way-too-early time of 6:52 am and she doesn't make it home until 7pm! Thats a twelve hour day folks and lots of times Kathleen skips breakfast because she is in a hurry and afraid of missing the bus. She asked me and I asked you(!) to find good ideas for a healthy, rapid commuter's breakfast. Ones that would give her the energy she needs to make it through her hectic days. The breakfast had to be fast and must be transportable. You saved your discoveries in the Yum Market and recipe database with the tag, Commuter's Breakfast. Listen up Kathleen, here's my advice (based on your awesome suggestions) on how to get your day started off right:

Lindakins recommends purchasing a plastic Cereal-on-the-Go container. This is an ingenious idea: a small tupperware that includes a 12-oz cereal bowl, 5.7 oz spill proof milk bowl, complete with a detachable spoon. Kathleen can fill it with the cereal of her choice and lowfat milk and it's so small she is sure to have room in one of her gigantic oversized handbags.

Two more, including a healthy muffin recipe so

Baltimoregal reminded me of a FitSugar approved healthy breakfast option: luna bars! She was even nice enough to list all of the flavors in the order that she favors them. Baltimoregal's fav is the Chocolate Pecan Pie and I bet Kathleen will go loca for the Dulce de Leche bars.

To help Kathleen jump start her new eating-breakfast-everyday lifestyle, I'll whip up a batch of crispet1's scrumptious looking,
Hearty Whole-Wheat Muffins

. I'll give them to Kathleen in a basket with a little handwritten note. She'll have a week's worth of easy breakfasts without even doing anything. Thanks for sharing your recipe crispet1!

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