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I forgot my dear girlfriend Maile's birthday. I usually never forget a friend's birthday and I want to make it up to her by bringing a little something special next time we meet. I told you that she collects drink koozies and her beers are never without a smart little jacket. I asked you to help me by scouring the internet for the funkiest, most alternative drink koozie around. Maile's not super girlie so vintage, rock inspired pieces were ideal. You saved the koozies in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag Drink Koozie and I was plesantly surprised to see some fabulously fun koozies.

It was a tough call deciding my favorite, so I've decided to get her two! The I (Heart) Pirates koozie is hysterical and since she is always quoting Pirates of The Caribbean, I know she'll love it. Great find Swp2885! HonestMuffin bookmarked this Let's Get Naked koozie that is a total attention grabber and conversation starter. I've never heard of the Cory Marrow Band, but this koozie is too good to pass up!

GeekSugar has put together an article that explains how to bookmark on TeamSugar. Check it out for more details!

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