FabSugar has officially moved into a new apartment and her kitchen needs help. She's ditched her mix-matched collection of glasses in favor of new ones. Only she doesn't know which ones to get! You aided her by looking for fabulous, but functional drinkware. You searched for everyday glasses: tumblers, water glasses, or stemless glasses that are versatile and stylish. You bookmarked the glasses in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Fab Everyday Glasses.

The patterned tumblers are graphically gorgeous, but a little much for every day. These sleek curved glasses, on the other hand, are chic and versatile. They can hold water, cocktails, beer, or even wine! Both ElizabethRae and bethany21 saved these glasses, making them twice as cool. To look at all of the glasses, browse to the right below.

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