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Off to Market Recap: Hanukkah Dinner

I recently asked you to help me out with the tablescape for a Hanukkah dinner. I promised a girlfriend I would set her table in a blue and silver color scheme so she could spend her time cooking the meal. The inspiration for the table was this elegant blue champagne glass.The rest of the setting: tablecloth, plates, candles, etc, you found and added to the Yum Market with the tag of Hanukkah Dinner.

Don't know what the Yum Market is? Read geeksugar's explanation of how to save finds to TeamSugar.

For the plates, I'll use these fabulous shiny silver plates that KWM submitted. To see the rest of my Hanukkah dinner table setting, styled by you,


Thanks to Sugar reader KWM for being a total Yum Market super diva! She found the most amazing, beautiful goodies, I can't wait to set the table.

Tablecloth: First things first, I'll dress the table with the linen hemstitch tablecloth.

Candles:I'll arrange the vertical shimmer pillar candles to run down the center of the table. In between each blue pillar candle I'll place a silver Star of David votive candle holder.

Napkins: Next the blue cloth napkins with silver napkin rings will be placed on the center of each silver plate.

Cocktail Napkins: When my friend offers the champagne in the blue glasses she will hand each invitee a blizzard cocktail napkin.

Party Favors: Out of all the treats discovered, by far my favorite were the blue and silver Hanukkah crackers! Perfect fun extras. Seriously it's little special details like these, that will make this dinner memorable to all of its guests.

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