With 14 weeks of ice cream sandwiches, I know I'll be making a lot of ice cream this summer. Last year I bought an old school ice cream maker and used it a ton. It held up pretty well considering I hauled all of the pieces to parties all over the state. However it's about time for an upgrade and I asked you to help me find a new machine. You searched the internet for an ice cream maker that is durable, functional, fashionable, and easy to transport. You bookmarked them in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag Ice Cream Maker.

The one that I absolutely LOVE is this hot pink ice cream maker with candy crusher. It's automatic, involves no messy ice or rock salt, and is compact enough to be packed into a tote bag. Awesome find daddio49! Browse the selection of ice cream makers by scrolling below.

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