After lukewarm reader participation in the Cocktail Party Menu, I was ecstatic to see that everyone had really come through on the manly candles challenge. I plan on giving candles to my mom's best friend Bruce as a thank you gift. He picked up my dog's important ear medicine and delivered it to me and I want to give him a little special gift to show my gratitude. I told you to look for mood enhancing, masculine, and mountain-y candles for Bruce to put on his dining room table at his cabin in the mountains. You tagged your lights with Manly Candles and saved them in the Yum Market on TeamSugar. The selection of "mandles" you found was amazing!

Chlyn submitted a whole bunch of different candles but this twig pillar candle was my favorite. It's just what I had in mind when I mentioned the words masculine and mountain-y. Bruce is totally going to love this one!

Two more, so

To pair with the twig candle I'll give him these long skinny honeycomb dinner candles that rubialala found. The honeycombed texture is nature meets chic...perfect for a cabin in the woods.

The macho jar candle that emisaurusrex saved is ideal for traveling. Bruce can take it with him when he goes to high profile golf tournaments to make his hotel room feel comfortable, homey, and remind him of his mountain cabin.

Thank you to all those who were involved in this challenge! If you're lost when it comes to saving on TeamSugar read geeksugar's guide on how to submit your stuff to the Yum Market.