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Cooking Basics
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Off To Market Recap: No Meat/Dairy Appetizer

A little while back I told you about my girlfriend Melissa who is a vegetarian and lives in Seattle. She called me in a panic asking me for a few vegetarian and lactose intolerant appetizer ideas. I asked you to save your best recipes in the recipe database on TeamSugar with the keyword tag No Meat-Dairy Appetizer because most of my crowd-pleasing hors d'oeurves have either meat or cheese (or both!). Luckily for Melissa, and her fragile stomached friend Nicole, you guys came up with a lot of amazing appetizers. Here are the one's I think Melissa should use to create a well rounded spread of scrumptious starters:

Nixievixeypixie's recipe for
Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts

is perfect for a crunchy taste treat. Nuts have classically been considered a bar food and will be an excellent appetizer for a cocktail party.

Two more rewarding recipes so

What will look tasty next to silver bowls of sweet and spicy nuts? A simple

whose recipe was submitted by cheergrlad. Crusty bread, delicious tomatoes, subtle hint of garlic. Nuff said.

To round out the selection of hors d'oeurves, Melissa should offer
Stuffed Mushrooms with Marsala Wine

. These babies are stuffed with a tantalizing mixture of bread crumbs, parsley, and finely chopped veggies. The meaty flavor of the mushrooms will satisfy her meat-hungry guests. Thanks for sharing your cheeseless recipe emisaurusrex!

And thank you to everyone who participated! Keep on sharing your recipes in the database so everyone can enjoy your creations!

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