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Off To Market Recap: New Blender

I totally believe in rewarding oneself and that's why I am treating myself (for all of my hard work here at YumSugar) to a new blender. During summer I'm all about blitzing up fresh and exotic cocktails, with new and interesting ingredients. A new blender that can expertly and efficiently crush ice and smoothly mix a piña colada is very important to me. My blender is several years old and after reading an article about certain blenders with blades that blend so fast they can make hot soup, I found myself wanting a new blender.

So I asked you to help me find a new one, and here's what you found: our favorite Frenchwoman, Mme Hart bookmarked the KitchenAid blender a professional level chef's blender that spins at speeds up to 21,000 rotations per minute - making it a whiz for soups, purees, sauces, and margaritas! Great find Mme Hart!

Two more twirling gadgets so

This sleek Breville Ikon Blender was submitted by SU3. This appliance executes bar blending tasks such as crushing ice to a powdery snow - making it right up my alley for daiquiri mixing.

BritniML suggested I get a Blendtic blender for their crazy strong powerful blades. I might consider this baby because it's on sale, but it only comes in 2 colors black and white and I would love to get one that matches my midnight blue KitchenAid mixer.

Thanks for your awesome help ladies! Please refer to geeksugar's bookmarking how to for more on submitting your fab foodie finds to the Yum Market.

bobcatsteph3 bobcatsteph3 10 years
I'm also looking for a blue blender that matches my Willow Blue KitchenAid mixer! So please do share what you find! If I decide color doesn't matter I'm leaning towards the Cuisinart blender that comes with the mini prep bowl. But I'd still love blue!
ktjones ktjones 10 years
I have a Waring blender from Williams Sonoma and I have not been happy with it. It only has two speeds and does not blend ice or solid fruit very well!
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