So my sister is off to the family cabin today and I asked you to help me out by finding her a one pot meal. It's a three hour drive and it may be snowing, so she needs an easy soothing one pot meal that she can just reheat upon arrival. She's invited many of her best friends so the meal has to be transportable, able to feed a crowd, and hearty enough to feed the guys. You guys added your recipes to the database and the accessories to the Yum Market with the tag One Pot Meal, so let's see what you've come up with!

After looking at all the yummy recipes, I've decided to make Suez's Chinese Noodle Soup. I love the idea of building a themed Chinese meal around this dish. I told my sister to order some spring rolls from the local Chinese restaurant to serve as a starter while the soup heats up.

For the special extras that I've chosen to pair with this One Pot Meal,

My sister will serve the Chinese Noodle Soup in the bowls that Crispet1 found. I love the warm earthiness; they're perfect for a cabin in the mountains.

She'll serve the one pot Chinese themed meal with a winter lager (the guys will certainly enjoy this) by Sam Adams that Yum Market maestro Crispet1 submitted.

Thanks for all those who participated in this Yum Market, my sister thanks you too! If you are dying to add your tasty treats check out my latest hunt in Off To Market: Hostess Gift.

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