The outdoor eating season is finally upon us! I love summer, the hot weather, and eating outdoors. When the weather is gorgeous, I can't sit inside at the table, so I move everything outside for my favorite time of the day: dusk. Part of prepping for my summer routine is getting the patio dining table 100% ready for entertaining. I want to get a new tablecloth and I asked you to help me find one last week. The tablecloth needed to be durable, colorful, and fabulous. You saved the tablecloths in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag Outdoor Tablecloth. My favorite was discovered by SU3. It's an island reef tablecloth with muted colors that can easily be brightened up with fresh flowers and has a zipper so it can easily fit around my table.

To see a couple more that I like,

My second favorite, a summery striped tablecloth, was saved by cravinsugar. The fabric is water repellent which is essential to outdoor entertaining.

Finally, I really love this pretty Hawaiian garden tablecloth's colors and distinctive double patterns. What I don't like about it is the white! I never use white tablecloths because they are so easily stainable. However, it's still a great find from Yum Market superstar SU3!

Thanks for bookmarking the tablecloths, I really appreciate your help! To learn how to save stuff on TeamSugar refer to geeksugar's informative explanation.